The IFIO Therapist Directory is a rapidly growing list

Did you know we have over 200 therapists in the IFIO Therapist Directory? It serves as a great resource for finding IFIO-trained therapists in the US as well as in Australia, Canada, France, and the UK.  There are IFIO therapists listed across 30 US states, including DC, with 70 in Massachusetts alone!
Also, a handful of therapists in the directory are willing to do sessions remotely via voice/video calls or online.

If you have completed an IFIO training and would like to create a listing, please fill out the form linked here: ADD ME TO THE LIST

To access the directory, go to the Contact page on Toni’s website,, or click the following link: IFIO Therapist Search

Happy New Year 2020

We live in uncertain times. It makes sense that we, as social animals , seek kindness in the faces of people we meet along our way. Sometimes we find it and sometimes we don’t.

How do we make a intra-relational U-turn when our protectors want to speak for themselves, when they experience a threat from the environment and it feels too close for comfort? Courageous communication works well when we want to change our conversations from reactivity to responsiveness. I invite you to do the same with your Parts. The more we connect with them the more they trust us. The more they trust us the more Self is available in our system and we move toward an internal cycle of care and compassion. Try the following un-blending tool the next time you notice your protectors are trying to engage your nervous system without your permission:

Keep your heart tender so you can bring compassion to all that arises.” Jack Kornfield

May this New Year bring peace, joy and happiness to all sentient beings. This January, I want to express my deepest gratitude for all of the people who are presently supporting the development and the delivery of the IFIO model.

Beginning with my administrative team, Kristi Good and Jory Agate, without whom I would be lost at sea. And, to the core training team: Cathy Curtis, Ann Drouilhet, Joanne Gaffney, Kate Lingren, John Palmer, Larry Rosenberg, Robin Warsh, Nancy Wonder, Judi Zoldan, and Martha Sweezy. I just can’t express my appreciation enough.

In addition, there are many people, too many to list here, that volunteer their time and energy to IFIO by organizing and staffing all levels of the trainings in the United States and abroad.

Many thanks to everyone near and far! Wishing you all a magical 2020, clear vision ahead!

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